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Next Generation Science Standards

We have developed Residency programs for 1st, 2nd and 5th Grade students.


These programs include the new NGSS. They consist of 2 - 4 days of programs that are educational, fun & memorable. 


               Grade 1: Astronomy/Earths Place in Space


               ESS1.A.   ESS1.B.1 

               Day 1: Planetarium program 

               Day 2: Solar Viewing

               Evening program: Telescope Night.

               (We discuss patterns in the night sky, motions of the sun, the moon and more!)

               Program: 2 days in school and one scope night



                Grade 2: Earths History/Our Changing Earth


                ESS1.C.1.  ESS2.A.2    ESS2.B.2.  ESS2.C.2

                Day1: Each class will create a model of the Prehistoric Earth from different times.

                           Each class will learn from the other classes hall wall models.

                Day2: Then the students will get to touch and learn about real fossils from the different time periods

                Day3: Touch and learn about volcanic rocks, crystals and more!

                Day4: Build & erupt volcanoes

                Program: 4 days in school

                Grade 4: Earths History/Our Changing Earth


                Fossil Dig - 2 day program

                Day1: Each class will clean & screen, dig, and take home real fossils that are 20 million years old.

                Day2: Examine rocks from the tops of mountains to the sandy shore. We’ll learn about some items in class.



                Telescope Night

                View planets and moons because of reflected sun light. See the Moon’s mountains and craters.

                See Jupiter and its clouds and moons. View the Rings around Saturn!


                Grade 5: Astronomy/ Wonders of Universe 


                ESS1.A.5.1.   ESS1.B.1    PS3.D.5.1

                Day 1: Planetarium program

                Day 2: Solar Viewing

                Evening program: Telescope Night .

                Program: 2 days in school and one scope night

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